Genre: RPG, Adventure, Puzzle, Single Player

Gameplay: 20 hours for main story line, 25+ hours total

Think: Witcher meets Horizon Dawn with Indie flair

The Plot

Astrid our heroine, is a young village Witch, towing the line between old-school Viking magic and the encroachment of modernization on her culture and civilization. Old magic has fled the main parts of Sverige and the Nordic regions are under threat from foreign economic interests and belief structures alike. In her village of Guilon, on the outskirts of the Shrouded Realm, Astrid and her mother live a life of outcasts from the main Village.

An unforeseen and terrible turn of events causes her to need to reach out to her estranged Father, Birger the Bastard, an old-school Viking hero of yore - with whom she has no relationship at all. Thus begins our adventure of danger, exploration, and self-discovery as Astrid and Birger set out to unearth the source of these events, while at the same time finding common ground between themselves and forging a lasting father-daughter relationship.


The Story

Our main goal with the game is to give you a stellar story driven experience. Partly driven like an interactive comic and partly driven by your game play, discover the truth behind Astrid's mother's disappearance while investigating the depth of the Jordenheim world and revealing its secrets and lore.

The Mechanics

Exploration matters, we have a rich world and beatifully detailed levels. Explore to find hidden secrets and gain extra points for purchasing abilities.

Stealth matters. Animals move away from you, bad guys can hear your footsteps. Its a thinking game, not a rushing game.

The Combat

Combat is sporadic but dramatic. You will encounter boss monsters that require thinking and planning. Death is not final.

Expect to need to research a fight through trial and error before being able to actually win it. Our goal is not to kill things regularly. But to make it count when you do.